92 Percent of visitors own their own home

92 Percent of visitors own their own home

33 Percent of visitors want better heating

33 Percent of visitors want better heating

Become an Exhibitor

Exhibiting at The Otago House & Home Show offers three days of intense market exposure, sales opportunities and on-going business.

We have 30 years of experience in getting the best results for your business.  Working with you to bring you targeted visitors who are planning, researching and ready to carry out improvements and enhancements to their biggest asset.

We bring Otago home owners together with companies like yours, who can satisfy their needs.  Only companies like yours.  Those catering to the new-build and home improvement market, those involved in decorating, furnishing and landscaping.  By offering a targeted exhibitor line-up we can attract a very focused visitor.

About our 2020 Home Show visitors

Own their own home 92%
Aged 30-60 years 63%
Planning to renovate 56%
Wish to improve kitchens 53%
Wish to improve bathrooms 48%
Are landscaping 46%
Will be decorating 44%
Want better heating 33%
Plan to build 24%

Ninety-two percent of our visitors are home owners, some also with rental properties to care for.  They know this is the most significant investment they own and take trouble to find out the right product and service to keep this investment growing. 

Become an exhibitor with us for 2021 and capture your share of this valuable market.

  • No other form of advertising puts you face to face with such a large potential client base. 
  • Use the exhibition to promote your product, service, location, new releases.  
  • Talk to clients and secure the business on the day. 
  • Use the show to plan your own future in-house events to capture on-going business.

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